Today I felt safe.

Jerry called and asked if I could help him get some groceries, so I headed over to pick him up.  I always get nervous going to his house.  I don’t mean to, but it just creeps up in me.

The drug dealers on the street clearly hate me.  I have taken two of their biggest customers and they know that I know way too much. They are always standing outside when I get there, and I think about it on the way over. So I get nervous.  I wish I didn’t.  I wish I had faith like David.  But I don’t.

But something happens when I turn on their road.  The first thing I see is the street sign – “Edith”.  As soon as I see it, I feel a peace come over my whole body.  I am filled with courage.

Edith was my grandmother’s name.  She passed away a several years ago from cancer.  She was amazing.  She was a woman of unshakable faith.  My dad says she was a “behind the scenes” christian.  She did whatever needed to be done.  And she prayed constantly.  She was a warrior of our faith.

She had faith like David.

So when I pull onto Edith street I know I am safe.  I smile every time.  I know it is coming and I long for the peace it brings.

Thank you grandma for your faith.