Today was a day of traveling.  I thought that it would be difficult to give today because of being on the road.

Turns out it was not.

As I pulled up to a light I saw an older man holding the classic sign, “Will work for food”.  That sign has so many ideas and presumptions attached to it.  My first thought is always, “yeah right, he wouldn’t work for it or he already would have”.  Then I run down the list of things that he will probably buy with the money if I did give him some – drugs, alcohol, smokes, and maybe even some porn.

Because that’s all homeless people buy.

But then I prayed and asked if I should give him a dollar.  God urged me to give him 20.  I walked up and handed him a twenty dollar bill.  He smiled and turned away.

No life-change.  No repenting.   No falling at my feet thanking me for being so giving.

I started to think of how he would probably spend the money on an addiction and I wondered if I did the right thing.  Then God taught me something.

I realized that he gives to me every day.  He entrusts me with things every day.  And most of the time I waste them on my addictions.  Sometimes it is an addiction to looking good, impressing people, or eating out.  But most of the time it is an addiction to comfort.  And yet he still gives to me.

If I want to be consumed by God in every way, then I must be willing to give like he gives.