Today I was traveling for work.

We were staying in a casino hotel built for kings and sons of kings.  It’s like everything was lined in gold.  The first thing I saw in the lobby was a Mercedes CL series with a price tag of $113,000.

Later in the evening we went to a dinner in one of the reception halls.  I realized that it was getting late and that I hadn’t given yet.  I wish I didn’t let so much of the day pass me by before I remember to give.  I get so busy working and planning that I forget the reality of the kingdom around me.

I looked around and all I saw was suites and ties.  But then I spotted this beautiful older woman.  She looked to be in her seventies and she was filling the coffee pots.  She was slightly hunched over and was wearing a red server’s suit coat.  She finished with the coffee and walked back over to stand in the corner.  She leaned against the wall.  I could tell she was tired.

No one saw her.

I walked over and struck up a conversation.  Within minutes she was talking about her kids and grandkids.  She told me that she worked here only 3 days a week and that she didn’t mind it that much.  She said she loves to play the slots once in a while but she really can’t afford it.  I pulled a chip out of my pocket and gave it to her.  I told her to play a little on me tonight.

That was all it took.  She talked with us for a while after that.  When we were sitting and eating, our glasses never got empty.  She was constantly at our table.  It was fantastic.

I realized that a month ago I would have missed her.  I would have been sipping my drink and trying to impress people.  I would have been worrying about me instead of looking for other people.  I wonder how many more I have missed.

How many do I miss everyday? How many people to I dismiss, walk by, or not even notice?

God – please open my eyes to see them.