Today I decided to give to someone who is already doing something.

I don’t know if I am just tired or if this is truly from God.  Maybe it is both.  I am grateful today that there are people and organizations giving their hearts and lives to the work of the kingdom.  I hear the statistics of people around the world and I want so badly to do something, but I am realizing that it takes all the energy that I have just to be involved with those in my part of the city.

I am not saying that we should just sit at home and just give money while we watch The Office.  I am saying that while we are working and living out our passions for Christ we can also give to those who are living out theirs.

I decided to give to an organization called Freedom 4/24.  This ministry works with Beginnings in Thailand.  Their main purpose is to pull girls out of prostitution and away from sex trafficking.  The idea behind this ministry is that it costs $24 to purchase a girl for the night, and they will purchase the girls and then show them access to a better life.

By giving to an organization that is already involved and making a difference, I can help play a part in there freedom.  It would be very easy to fall into just giving money to places like 4/24 and not giving my life.  But if I am cautious of this and seek Christ, maybe I can give with the right heart.

Visit for more information.