Today I had a fantastic experience that I would never have had before.  It was not life-changing or mind-blowing.  It was just fun.

I was passing by a pizza place when I felt the spirit urge me to stop and buy a pizza.  In the past, I would have just driven by and not given it a second thought.  But if I have learned anything these past 11 days, it is that I will never be disappointed when I follow what I believe God is telling me.  Usually, I would doubt myself.  I would say something like, “why would God want me to buy a pizza, it must just be my own thoughts”.  But today I just decided to go for it, buy a pizza, and see what happens.

I was headed to a friend’s house and I was early (which also rarely happens), so I decided to pull into a gas station and wait till it was time to go to his house.  I parked right next to this beat up mid-eighties Honda Civic.  It was classic eighties tacky gold and the handles were broke off the doors.  The hood of the car was fantastic.  It was royal blue, but the best part was that it clearly did not belong to this car.  It was about 3 inches too wide on both sides and it was a completely different shape.  It was tied to the car in 4 places with nylon rope.  Amazing.

Inside the car I noticed a mom in her mid twenties.  In the back seat were 4 kids from ranging infant to about probably 5 yrs old.  I looked at her and she looked as though she was carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders.  She looked exhausted.  I walked over and knocked on the window.  I told her I had just bought a pizza and asked if she wanted it.

She looked at me like I was crazy.

But then she smiled and said that they would love it.  I handed her the pizza and then looked back at the beautiful babies in the back seat.  I talked with them for just a minute, but they made my day.

I guess today’s give was for me.  I guess God wanted to renew my strength and let me enjoy this one.

It was fun.