Because God is the one who has led me into this, I felt that today it was important for me to listen.  I prayed that he would show me who to give to.

It was awesome.  He laid on my heart to give to a specific person in my family.  I had not talked to this person in a while but yesterday he had randomly taken a couple of Brit’s pictures on facebook and touched them up for her.  As I was thinking about how to give to this person I came across a photo editing software on was the “deal of the day”.

So I thought that I would just check this out.  I went on facebook to send him a message and he was online at the time.  We started to do that chat thing on facebook and I asked him if he was into photography or editing because he did those pics for Brit.  He told me that he was and in fact had just decided to start a photography business, but he really didn’t have any equipment or software yet.  I sent him the link to the amazon page and he said that it was a really good software.  I purchased it and had it shipped to him.

Simple as that.  God is in control.  For some reason God wanted him to be encouraged in that way, and he let me be a part of it.  It is so much better when I let him lead.