Two days ago I thought that I was a fairly generous person and that this would just push me into a new way of understanding generosity.  I was wrong.  I don’t think of it at all.  I was not purposefully generous in any way today.  I bailed on what God is trying to teach me.

Today I allowed myself to be too busy.  Then as I was heading over to Matt’s house to watch the BCS championship game, I realized that I had not given anything today.  I went for the cop-out.  I stopped and bought  Greek take-out for Matt and myself, and counted Matt’s meal as my “giving” of the day.

I would have paid for his anyways.  And, eventually I am going to have to deal with how much I spend money on going out to eat instead of giving more.

God, please weed this selfishness out of me.  However long this takes, please change me.